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Thoughts From Dan On The Southridge Homes Crew:

danandcrewTerry Smith (aka "Buck") has worked with Southridge Homes for 14 years. Buck has a rare quality and that would be his incredibly positive attitude. He comes to work everyday with a contagious smile. The rest of the crew has no choice but to follow his lead and smile with him. When I chat with my past clients everyone of them always asks "How is Buck?" There seems to be nothing that he cannot do from log construction to installing tile floors and custom showers. He defines what you get in a Southridge Home.

Chris Hicks has been an employee of Southridge Homes for 8 years. He started when he was 14 years old working summers and really showed me a desire to learn. He is a very dependable young man and what I mean by that is he is always 15 minutes early and will stay late to dry in a roof if asked. He is 24 years old now and can construct log walls completely on his own. The biggest asset that Chris brings to Southridge Homes is that everyday from 10 degree days in the winter to 101 degree days in the summer he is there and working hard. Who could ask for more?

Dave Delauter has been with Southridge Homes 4 years. He brings a background with him that every builder would love to have on their site. He was a Superintendent for a large home builder for 3 years producing 60 to 70 homes a year. He has been a personal friend of the family for 18 years and came to me one day and we talked about becoming part of the Southridge Homes family. His nickname on site is the Cabinet Maker. He is the definition of a carpenter. With his eye for detail every cut has to be just right. He also has a cabinet shop and has been making custom built-ins for some 12 years now. Dave has a grateful perspective on life and is proud to wear a carpenter's pouch. He is inspired by crafting quality products to make customer's dreams become reality.

Jeff Green is the newest addition to Southridge Homes. I was very fortunate to be in the position to hire him when he became available. As with Dave, Jeff has also been a friend of the family for many years. His background consists of working as a Framing Carpenter to building bridges.  The last 7 years he was with a small contracting company building decks, additions, pool houses, pergolas, etc.  You name it he has done it. He also has that rare quality of a good outlook on life and it shows in everything he touches.

Dan Heinrich is me--the owner of Southridge Homes.  It is a little bit difficult to write about yourself.  I am very humbled and thankful for the opportunity to sit across the table from a client and have them trust me with their dream home. Trust is a word that seems to be hard to come by in the society that we live in today . Trust, loyalty, honesty, and thankfulness are what you get in and from me when you're happy with your new Southridge Home. My history speaks for itself and was built on those 4 important words. I will thank you for your trust and be there 10 years from now if there is a problem with your Southridge Home product. When you sign on with Southridge Homes to help complete your dream, you get an accomplished builder, the best crew that you could ask for and the most important thing that separates us from the rest---in our world the sun shines everyday and we build with that grateful outlook.