Happy Customers Make Happy Testimonials

Southridge Homes has been in business for over 20 years.  That wouldn't be possible if we didn't strive to make each and every home exactly right.

"I make sure my customers get exactly what they want." - Dan Heinrich, owner

Here you'll find some kind words from just a few of our satisfied clients.  We have many, many more, so don't hesitate to drop us a line and ask.  We can even arrange a short drive to visit some finished works so you can see for yourself how things turn out when you choose Southridge Homes.

Gallagher Family PDF Print E-mail

gallagher2-thumbDan Heinrich of Southridge Homes acted as the General Contractor for the construction of our home.  Naturally, with such a large undertaking you could be a bit anxious.  However, with Dan, my wife and I were always at ease.

He delivered the home on budget and the workmanship was nothing short of excellent.  Dan stayed in constant touch with the subs and monitored their progress well.

We always get compliments on our home and many of the highlights were suggested modifications by Dan.

He was always available for questions; looked to save us money where possible without compromising on quality; and took real pride in the outcome.  This was our second home we had built and we wish the first one was by Dan too!

I always recommend Dan to others as Dan truly cares about the results.  He has high standards and understands the meaning of the phrase "the Customer comes first".

- Gallagher Family, Middletown, MD

Meyer Family PDF Print E-mail

meyer-outside-front-1-thumb If we ever built another log home, we would only do it if Dan Heinrich was the builder.

We had never done anything like this before, and we relied tremendously on Dan to guide us through the process.  He did this and much more.  We felt like partners with him from start to finish.

Dan was very responsive to our questions and requests.  He returned calls promptly and was patient answering and explaining.  He also offered good ideas that we would not have thought of.

Dan's years of experience paid off for us in numerous ways.  Perhaps most significant is that he finds ways for you to get maximum quality for a very fair price.  He takes pride in his work and spends great effort making sure everything goes right.  Now we take pride is his work, too.

Crawford Family PDF Print E-mail


Words aren't enough to begin to thank you for how grateful we re to you for making our house all that we could ever ask for.  It is absolutely amazing.

Thank you for working with us on every detail and fo rall the wonderful ideas you gave us along our journey. 


Dorris Family PDF Print E-mail

Main house shotWe had waited several years before starting our dream home.  So when the time came to pick a builder, we weren't in a big rush.  We took time to meet with various others before finally meeting Dan.

From the very beginning, we could tell Dan was going to get the job done better than any of the others.  He started work right on time and was always willing to add in the extras we kept throwing at him.

We've had Dan back to our house a number of times for regular maintenance, repair and new construction.  He just finished our detached garage and carport addition this year.  This marks 8 years after our initial construction and we're still calling on Dan to get the job done.

Thanks, Dan!

- Dorris Family, Frederick, MD

John & Anne Wylie PDF Print E-mail

Main house shotWe were introduced to Southridge Homes by slamming on the brakes after passing a construction sign in front of a gorgeous, almost built log home.  From the time we made the first call to Dan Heinrich up until this very day, we could not be more pleased.

A selected sampling of Dan's mottos are, "We build these houses as if they were our own," "I'm in the business of making people's dreams come true," and "I make sure my customers get exactly what they want."  Boy, does it show up in the details of the workmanship, right down to the walls snugly fitting around the contours of each and every log.  How on earth does he do that?

Our house is not just a home, it is a work of art!  Rating: A plus plus.

- John and Ann Wylie, Myersville, Maryland

Nathan P. Bacon PDF Print E-mail

I would like to take a moment and comment on the great house that I'm living in, and more importantly on the folks who built it.  During the winter of 1994, through the worst weather in years, Dan Heinrich of Southridge Homes toiled long and hard to build my house.  During that time I found Dan to have some of the very best qualities that I could ever hope to find in a builder.

Dan was honest to the highest level and went out of his way to ensure that everything was done with integrity and dispatch.  His flexibility was phenomenal, especially considering the inclement weather and the fickleness of the future homeowner (me)!  Probably the most important thing was that he and his crew were just fun to work with.  I was there every day and the rapport that everyone had was a joy to be around.

The end result of this was not only a quality home, but a home built the way I wanted it, and it was built to Dan's high standards!  Who could ask for anything more than honesty, flexibility and great workmanship?

If you have any questions or would like to see our great house, drop Dan a line and he'll get you in touch ASAP.

- Nathan P. Bacon

Susie and Hal Gamble PDF Print E-mail

We often refer to our log home as our "cabin" in the mountains.  However, when guests arrive they are awe-struck by the modern, yet rustic beauty of our weekend getaway.  Dan Heinrich of Southridge Homes demonstrated his experience and craftsmanship by building us a quality, all-season sanctuary that we hope to enjoy for many years to come.  We have found that we can also depend on Dan to provide routine maintenance and the occasional repair on our home.

- Susie and Hal Gamble

Scott Hollis PDF Print E-mail

The process of building our dream home was truly a great experience thanks to Dan.  He helped us through every step of the process and most importantly kept his word and got us in our house when he said he would.  If we ever build another home, we would ask Dan to be our builder.

- Scott Hollis

Max and Lindi Fisher PDF Print E-mail

Main house shot

My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for building us such a beautiful Log Home and Garage. From start to finish our project was handled in a very professional yet friendly manner. We appreciate the way you worked with us and always took the time to answer any questions or concerns we had while our home was under construction. Thanks again, you are always welcome to visit us.

- Max and Lindi Fisher, Maryland

Art and Nancy PDF Print E-mail

artnancy-thumbDear Dan,

We are grateful and "in love" with our beautiful and comfortable new dwelling place which is becoming home.  And to think it once was only a plan on paper - it boggles my mind to think how you could transfer that drawing from pagper to a structure.  I am sure it was not "a piece of cake".

- Art and Nancy

Ed Enamait PDF Print E-mail

I would like to state without any reservation that Southridge Homes' representatives Dan & Amy Heinrich are great people to work with.  They both provided outstanding support and genuine interest regarding the construction of my log home.  In addition to exceeding the 40 hours of technical assistance (which included "hands-on" construction), Dan loaned me construction equipment, assisted in the selection and procurement of non-kit building supplies, advised of and recommended sub-contractors, and was instrumental in obtaining the financing of my cabin.  Dan was exceptionally helpful, as was Amy, getting me thru the hectic, frustrating moments that are common in home construction.  I now accept them however was not fully prepared for them during the initial construction phases.  Amy was usually my first contact since she was closer to a phone than Dan, and was very responsive.  Any technical questions that she could not answer were addressed in short order by a return call from Dan.  Any construction skills that Amy may have lacked were more than made up by her administrative skills.  I never had to wait for any type of required "paperwork".

The Heinrichs are exemplary in all phases of construction.  They are not only competent individuals to work with, they are good folks to know.

- Ed Enamait