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gallagher2-thumbDan Heinrich of Southridge Homes acted as the General Contractor for the construction of our home.  Naturally, with such a large undertaking you could be a bit anxious.  However, with Dan, my wife and I were always at ease.

He delivered the home on budget and the workmanship was nothing short of excellent.  Dan stayed in constant touch with the subs and monitored their progress well.

We always get compliments on our home and many of the highlights were suggested modifications by Dan.

He was always available for questions; looked to save us money where possible without compromising on quality; and took real pride in the outcome.  This was our second home we had built and we wish the first one was by Dan too!

I always recommend Dan to others as Dan truly cares about the results.  He has high standards and understands the meaning of the phrase "the Customer comes first".

- Gallagher Family, Middletown, MD