Ed Enamait Print

I would like to state without any reservation that Southridge Homes' representatives Dan & Amy Heinrich are great people to work with.  They both provided outstanding support and genuine interest regarding the construction of my log home.  In addition to exceeding the 40 hours of technical assistance (which included "hands-on" construction), Dan loaned me construction equipment, assisted in the selection and procurement of non-kit building supplies, advised of and recommended sub-contractors, and was instrumental in obtaining the financing of my cabin.  Dan was exceptionally helpful, as was Amy, getting me thru the hectic, frustrating moments that are common in home construction.  I now accept them however was not fully prepared for them during the initial construction phases.  Amy was usually my first contact since she was closer to a phone than Dan, and was very responsive.  Any technical questions that she could not answer were addressed in short order by a return call from Dan.  Any construction skills that Amy may have lacked were more than made up by her administrative skills.  I never had to wait for any type of required "paperwork".

The Heinrichs are exemplary in all phases of construction.  They are not only competent individuals to work with, they are good folks to know.

- Ed Enamait